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Frayed passport stops man who overcame fear of flying

It was an unfortunate case of irony when a man who overcame a 15 year fear of flying was not allowed to catch a flight due to the frayed edge of his passport. Greg Howe, 37, was planning on taking a trip to the Monaco grand Prix to celebrate conquering his fear. Mr. Howe sought therapy and starting taking anti-anxiety drugs before what he was hoping to be the trip of a lifetime.

But after all of his treatment, it was the peeling laminate on his passport that stopped him from getting on his flight.

Bournemouth local Mr. Howe begged staff on his Flybe flight from Southampton to let him on the flight, but he wouldn’t budge.  In an attempt to still get the Grand Prix, he raced to Bournemouth Airport, where the passport was accepted, but there were no flights in time.

He considered driving across to France, but couldn’t because of the medication that he was on. To add insult to injury, he received an email from Flybe asking if he had a good flight, and had to endure “wish you were here” texts and photos from his friends who were there.

Greg said: “I couldn’t believe that after everything I have been through and after all the good work I wasn’t allowed on the plane because my passport was frayed at the corner.”

The staff at the airport told Greg that he could have tampered it, making him feel “like a criminal, like a terrorist.”

Flybe stated that the passport was in terrible condition and even if he had got the flight, he would have been refused by the French border agency.

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