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‘Starry’ night bedrooms launched at 12 Travelodge hotels

Ceilings of twinkling stars have been added to rooms at Travelodge hotels in Bournemouth and sites throughout the UK. The starry ceilings are in response to a survey about the most desirable sleeping locations.

It took three hours for artist Carl Marshall and a colleague to create each cosmic panorama as they painted all of the shooting stars, milky ways and constellations by hand using glow-in-the-dark paint.

The stars only appear in darkness and in the day the ceilings look plain white. At night, the stars look like they are twinkling and dust clouds seem to move mysteriously. The artist also created a three dimensional effect as the ceiling appears to fall towards the bed by around three feet.

Travelodge carried out a survey of 2,000 adults and found that the most desired sleeping location is under a blanket of twinkling stars; 42% of those surveyed chose the stars over sleeping on a tropical beach, rainforest or jungle. A third of the survey participants said that they found counting stars to be tranquil and a good sleep aid and 40% said that they found the stars romantic.

Travelodge spokesperson Shakila Ahmedm said that the hotel chain is always looking for innovative new ways to give their guests a good night sleep: “Therefore in response to our latest sleep study, we took the challenge and created the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience indoors.”

Founder of The Stress Management Society Neil Shah, said: “The Travelodge night sky room is a great concept to help you de-stress after a long day. Focusing on something, such as a sky full of stars, which the brain is unable to consciously analyse or tune into, encourages our minds to switch off and drift into a stress free deep sleep.”

Hotels with the star filled ceilings include: Birmingham Bull Ring, Blackpool South Shore, Bournemouth Seafront, Bristol Central Mitchell Lane, Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, Edinburgh Central Waterloo, Liverpool Strand, London City Road, Manchester Central Arena, Manchester Central Arena, Newquay and Torquay.

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