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Bradford is gearing up for some big bangs and crashes when the British Science Festival takes place in the city.


Bradford has been chosen as the location for the 2011 festival, which is held in a different location every year. Events will be taking place over a week at different venues in the city, with Bradford University being the central location of the event.


The festival celebrates science, engineering and technology. There will be over 250 events, activities, exhibitions and trips taking place including heated debates, big discussions, plays and films and hands-on family fun. The festival will visit some of the industrial heritage of the area and explore regions of natural beauty and scientific importance

One of the highlights will be an appearance by the “world’s greatest living explorer” Ranulph Fiennes, who will talk about his global exploration. Television scientist Robert Winston will discuss why some of mankind’s greatest inventions might have been “bad ideas” and there will be some bangs and crashes created by the team of BBC’s Bang Goes The Theory.

Philip Wilson, director of the British Science Association, which organises the festival, said: “The fact that Bradford is a major regeneration area was an important factor in our decision to come here because part of the association’s mission is to take the festival to those regions which will benefit most from it.

“It’s commonly known that Bradford has been in the past a major area of technological development and industry. Having been a tremendous centre for the textile industry, and also for the engineering industry that grew up in order to service the textile industry, it’s gone through, as many other areas in Britain have, a large problem. And it’s now on the road to regeneration as so many others are.”

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