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Autism helped through making music

The founder of Women’s Aid in Luton, Jenny Moody MBE, is helping children with special needs.

The 77 year old is working harder than ever after recently stepping down from the charity that she started 40 years ago. Now, Jenny and her son Doog have started to work to make music a communication tool for youngsters with autism.

The classes are being held at Greenbank Music Village in High Town and the results have already been astonishing.

“It’s like opening a window,” Jenny said.

Pauline Ellams, the mother of 16 year old Madaline and 17 year old Harry who both have autism, couldn’t agree more.

She booked the Greenbank Music Village for Madaline’s 16th birthday.

She said: “I knew Maddie would love it because all she does every day is listen to music.” But Pauline had reservations Harry.

“I needn’t have worried,” she said. “He loved it even more than Maddie – and so did the two friends and three adults who accompanied them.”

Pauline added: “Doog and his colleague John Musto couldn’t have been kinder. They gave us such special treatment and they are both such amazing, amazing people. They made sure each child had the opportunity to play each instrument. They also made me feel very comfortable for the two hours we were there – even though I couldn’t hear a thing the next day!”

Doog, 55, said: “We have regular birthday parties where kids can play real guitars, real keyboards, real drums. It usually dissolves into anarchy and I’m wiped out by the end of it. But it’s very hands-on and that’s important.”

Jenny first encountered autism when her great nephew was diagnosed with it.

She said: “It’s like tunnel vision – everything has to be just right, precise. They don’t understand that we all make mistakes.”

Jenny is in talks with Luton Music and will be working with local parents of autistic children.

“Interest is picking up,” she smiled.

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