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Hilltop zoo open high pods

Whipsnade Zoo are planning on creating eight “luxury camping pods” that will be a year round attraction.

It is hoped that the Lookout Lodge pods will open up a new market for the 80 year-old hilltop attraction.

Director of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), David Field, said: “Everything we do has mission overlay.”

He then added that the zoo wants to turn their visitors into champions for Whipsnade and offer people the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Mr Field’s passion for nature began at a very young age and he wants other people to recognise the experiences that connecting with nature can offer.

ZSL aims put 10% of their profits into conservation efforts around the world. This amount can reach up to £10million.

ZSL are also planning to create a sophisticated indoor play area and refurbishment of the zoo’s sealion enclosure. They are working to give visitors a more exciting day out when they come to the Chilterns.

Whipsnade Zoo had 500,000 visitors in 2011 and saw an increase in the number of people who attended during the winter months which were warmer than average.

Mr Field said: “We want to encourage people to visit the zoo throughout the year, not just during bank holidays in August.”

He added that providing attractions that make visitors want to return again and again will make a big difference to their long term conservation efforts.

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