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Plymouth Law firm making waves

Enigma Solicitors in Plymouth are celebrating their second birthday. The law firm, which has made a name for itself suing other solicitors, has expanded despite the double dip recession.

The firm was established by experienced lawyers Rory Smith and Neil Mercer and specialises in civil and commercial litigation. They now employ five other members of staff and are continuing to grow.

Much of their workload comes from people wanting to bring other solicitors to court. Law firms that make errors can be sued for breach of contract and the tort of negligence.

“All we do is sue people and defend claims, and an increasing number are against solicitors,” said Mr Mercer.

“We didn’t expect that. We are surprised by the number of genuine claims that emerge from the people contacting us.

“We will deal with almost any dispute. My main area of involvement has been large scale commercial disputes, often, but not always, involving construction or property.

“We’ve grown as a firm, and I am looking to expand in these areas” said Mr Mercer.
Mr Smith added: “A lot of people think you will never get a solicitor to sue another solicitor.

“But at Enigma we don’t hide the fact that we are enthusiastic about taking on these cases. Why not? Some solicitors publicise that they sue dentists, drivers, or doctors. We sue solicitors.”

However, Mr Smith has stressed that the firm try to approach the subject constructively.
“Almost everyone makes mistakes at some point,” he said. “Sometimes legal action is an appropriate response.

“If you had a bad experience with a solicitor and you now have a poor opinion about the legal profession, we want to put things right.”

The law firm are gaining more exposure in the area with a branded taxi which carried the  slogan: “We sue solicitors”.

Mr Smith said: “I liked the idea of a taxi because it ensures we have as big a chance as possible of connecting with anybody and everybody who might need our help. Anybody can see us about any claim against any solicitor.”

“We’ve grown as a firm, and we are looking to expand,” said Mr Mercer. “If a litigator walked through the door tomorrow I would want to take them on.

“Increasingly I am finding my existing clients generate more work for me by recommending people they know.

“What’s humbling and encouraging is we have so much work. It’s nice people seek us out. The referrals come from the most extraordinary places.

“If they have a claim we will prosecute it assertively, and if we have to defend we will do so until the end.”

“We will deal with almost any dispute,” added Mr Mercer. “And we have benefited and continue to benefit from the support and encouragement of long-standing clients, for which we are very grateful.”

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