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Brave Charlotte donates hair to charity in memory of her dad

Three year old Charlotte Ransom has completed one of her daddy’s dying wishes by donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust charity.

Charlotte lost her father Ellis to pancreatic cancer last month. He was just 38.

Brave Charlotte went to Dudes Modern Barbers hairdressers in Plymouth just four days after he passed away (and one day after her third birthday) to make the kind donation to the charity which makes wigs for children who are losing their hair. The hairdressers cut her hair for free.

Her mum, 32 year old Rosanne said: “Ellis always said to me that wild horses wouldn’t keep him away from Charlie’s birthday or her hair cut, but unfortunately he didn’t make it. Ellis was a really generous man and he wanted Charlie to have the same sense of charity – he wanted her to know the importance of helping others who are less fortunate.

“The day he passed away he told me to go ahead with Charlie’s hair cut and her birthday party regardless of what happened. It’s what he wanted. He would be so proud of her.”

Ellis was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November and his family has been left “heartbroken” by the loss. They are now planning to do all that they can to raise awareness for the condition.

Rosanne said: “The day we were told Ellis had cancer was such a shock. We knew it would probably be something quite serious because he was in a lot of pain but we didn’t think it would be something fatal.

“When he received the diagnosis we were told the cancer was in the late stages and it was inoperable. The cancer had also started to spread to his liver. We were told there was no chance of recovery and he was given between nine months and a year to live.”

“I told him to fight and to fight for us but I also told him that if his mind was fighting but his body wasn’t coping there was no point living a life of pain. He told me he was afraid of dying – not for himself but because of the impact it would have on his loved ones.”

He lost his battle on 24th January and passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones.

Ellis’ dad Geoff said: “Ellis was very philosophical about his illness. He never moaned and never asked why him. He accepted life for what it was and what he had. We have all been left heartbroken.

“Raising awareness of pancreatic cancer is critical. I would urge anyone suffering with persistent symptoms of indigestion which are not made better by the usual treatments to ensure their doctors investigate further.”

Ellis’ friends are now setting up a trust fund for Charlotte that she will be able to access when she is 18.

Rosanne said: “He has left a massive hole in our lives but he told us that we must go on without him. He was a really good husband, a great daddy and completely loving. He was a good man with a big heart.”

To donate to the Little Princess Trust visit

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