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Fever wants to hit new highs

A local dance school is hoping that its new base will improve their troupe’s future. The award-winning Fever Dance Company, which offers dance lessons to hundreds of children and adults needed to find a new home after it outgrew it’s current location in Mornington Road, off New Hall Lane, Preston.

It is hoping it keep its current premises, but set up another dance and fitness centre closer to the city centre at Garstang Road.

They have sent their proposal to transform the first floor of the currently unoccupied Summit Décor building. They will invest up to £50,000 into the building, so that they can offer a wide range of dance and fitness classes including zumba, street dancing and hip hop, plus aerobics, body combat and body conditioning.

Stephen Holland, the dance school’s business development director said that he hopes that the school will be open soon, if they manage to get the planning permission.

“We’re basically out-growing the studio we already have. We need to look to expand. There are classes we can do and we have the teachers but we’ve no room for them. We just can’t fit it in because the schedule for the studio we have is full. It’s a bit frightening in the current climate but if you don’t do it, you don’t get bigger.”

The school is seven years old, and they recently tour the UK with the popular Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour. Their previous premises were the now-demolished Canterbury Hall in Garstang Road.

The dance company specialise in formation dancing, including Latin, ballroom, salsa and cheerleading. They recently took part in the Junior Formation Dance Festival at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, and retained two of their previously won titles.

They won the Junior Eight and Junior Four couple championships.


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