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Young Achiever Award won by Swansea solicitor

Mamuna Farooq, a Swansea solicitor, has won the prestigious Young Achiever of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.

27 year old Miss Farooq was the only Welsh award winner and was the youngest award winner at the ceremony. Over 10,000 nominations were submitted for the awards from across the UK and the winners included Muslim groups, businesses and individuals.

She works at Swansea-based law firm Douglas-Jones Mercer and was nominated for her success maintaining her Muslim and British values in her educational and professional life. There are very few Muslim females working in the legal industry in the Swansea area and Mamuna has been able to retain her values and beliefs in her work.

Mamuna has been an active member of the Muslim community in Swansea since she was very young and has always wanted to use her legal qualifications to give back to the local community.

She is one of the first Welsh solicitors to offer a specialist Islamic Wills service for Muslim clients. She joined DJM Solicitors in 2008 and joined the firm’s Wills, Estate & Trusts team in 2010.

“To say I was excited when I unexpectedly heard my name called out is an understatement.

“I feel extremely fortunate to have been named as a finalist and then a winner at the first British Muslim Awards alongside public figures, individuals and businesses whom I admire and respect.

“To be told I’m regarded as a role model for younger Muslims is a true honour”.

Director at Douglas-Jones Mercer Solicitors, Jonathan Powell, said: “To say that Mamuna exceeds the expectations of solicitors in our firm would be an understatement. Her dedication and professionalism have resulted in a level of service given to clients, which is second to none.”

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