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Hasn’t she done well

You don’t have to be a fan of the Royal Family to take your hat off to the Queen.  It’s hard to imagine she was just 25 years old when she took to the throne 60 years ago, following the death of her father.

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Text messaging turns 20

It was December 1992 when software programmer Neil Papworth wished his friend a ‘Merry Christmas’ with the first SMS message ever sent. Now it’s twenty years later and SMS messaging has overtaken speaking on the phone and even face-to-face contact.

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Baby Hashtag and how social media has taken over the world

You may not believe it (and I’m not sure if I really do), but back in February a baby girl was named Facebook in honour of the social media’s platform part in Egypt’s recent revolution.

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Spend time creating your online marketing plan

Small and medium-sized businesses are changing the way they market their businesses and focussing more on online marketing strategies.

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