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5 Helpful Airport Tips to Make Travelling Easier


While travelling for work or pleasure can be fun and exciting it can also be an exhausting and hectic experience. Airports are now busier than ever creating longer lines at check-in. 

As security waiting times are entirely unpredictable, saving both time and energy is sure to improve your experience, that’s why here at Swift Taxis, we’ve popped together some top tips to make the transition from your front door to your seat on the plane as painless as possible. 


1.  Book an airport transfer 


Getting to the airport on time is one of the most stressful elements of your journey. Take the stress away, forget about parking your car and start your holiday or trip as soon as you leave your home. 

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, during our airport transfer we’ll take care of your luggage, and ensure an all-round reliable and efficient service in spacious and comfortable surroundings.


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2.  Prepare your documents 


This one goes without saying, but organisation truly is key. Check in online prior to arrival and have all documents in a safe and convenient folder that you need to show the agent, including your passport. This makes the first part of your journey easy and we’re sure the people behind you in line will appreciate your efficiency too! 


3.  Weigh your bags 


Make sure you check your bags weight prior to leaving your home and do any bag swapping before you leave. This avoids any scrutiny from check-in agents, extra charges and a whole load of unnecessary stress. 

Be sure to add something identifiable to your luggage too like a coloured ribbon or band as this will save time at the other end when it comes to collecting your belongings from the conveyor belt. 

Remember when it comes to packing liquid items in your hand luggage (shampoos, body oils, make-up etc) make sure they are less than 3oz and place them in a plastic, clear zip bag of upto a litre (1 zip bag per person).


4.  Prepare for security 


It sounds simple but getting caught out in security can waste a lot of valuable airport relaxation time. Before entering security remove your jewellery, belt, shoes and empty any drinks. You may even want to consider your airport outfit prior to flying, minimising accessories and opting for shoes with socks so you don’t have to walk through the gate in your bare feet.

You may even want to think about pre-booking fast-track security (check your chosen airport website to find out how) that will give you the freedom of your own dedicated security lane. 


5.  Book an airport lounge 


Kick your holiday off by booking the luxury of an airport lounge with comfortable seating, snacks, drinks and free WiFi. Some even have access to departure gates so you can skip those dreaded queues! 

No one likes to think about the end of their trip or holiday, but booking your return journey with Swift Taxis too is sure to make your transition back on home ground that little bit easier. 


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