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5 Benefits of Conservatory Insulation

For those who live family lives, or have created a home out of a humbly sized property, conservatories can be an excellent low-cost way of creating additional living space. While this can feel like a blessing, there are impracticalities that come along with it. 

These impracticalities can easily be rectified by installing conservatory roof insulation with Comfy Conservatories. Here’s how:

Temperature control, all year round

It is thought that around 80% of the heat in your conservatory enters through the roof, but this unfortunately means that around 80% leaves through the roof as well. This is why it is important to invest in conservatory roof insulation to ensure you are as comfortable in your glass extension as possible. 

Conservatory roof insulation retains heat in winter and prevents overheating in summer, making it the ideal living space for all weathers. It is installed using material that is properly ventilated, allowing the space to breathe and not feel stuffy, even as it is kept warm. 

Noise reduction 

If you’ve sat in a conservatory with a bare roof during heavy rain, you’ll be familiar with the sound of relentless pounding that renders it unusable in wet weather. 

Conservatory roof insulation can dramatically decrease the amount of noise that enters the conservatory, so you’ll be free to entertain guests, curl up with a book or use it as a living space in all weathers. 

Feels more homely

High quality roof insulation can make your conservatory feel like a more cohesive part of your home. Not only will it seem cosier, but the UPVC finish can transform it from an inelegant glass box into a space that truly feels like a seamless progression from the rest of your home. 

Energy efficient 

Conservatory loft insulation helps your extension retain up to 90% of heat during winter, which helps you keep your energy usage to a minimum and is kinder to the environment. 

This means you won’t have to fork out large sums of money to keep your conservatory heated in the colder months. With the cost of living rising and winter approaching, conservatory loft insulation will make all the difference to the cost of your heating bills. 

No disruption to your space 

Conservatory roof insulation is installed directly into the ceiling of your conservatory, maintaining the original size and shape of your space. This means having affordable, high-quality insulation installed with Comfy Conservatories won’t disrupt the cosy space you’ve already created. 

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