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5 Reasons To Consider Working from an Office

Offering fully remote contracts has become the latest trend for employers in 2022 after the coronavirus pandemic caused a surge in employees discovering the benefits of working from home. 

Despite this, many people are beginning to crave the sociability and creativity that organically exists within an office environment. To tackle this, many companies across the country have introduced hybrid working to allow employees autonomy of their office hours, but paying for an office that your employees only use part time might not seem like a worthwhile investment. But this isn’t true. 

At Havant Self Storage, we believe in the power of hybrid working which is why we’ve created this list of reasons why you should consider seeking affordable office space for your hybrid workers. 

Can increase productivity 

When you work in an office environment, you remove distractions caused by home comforts. On average, you are far less likely to check your phone for personal messages, or go snack hunting in the kitchen. In fact, it has been proven that having a dedicated workspace adapts your mindset to be more productive. 

Offices even have air conditioning, so even in hot weather that would usually stunt your natural workflow, you’ll be able to continue producing worthwhile work. 

Separates your work life from your home life

Your home is your resting place which is why you are more likely to experience a relaxed, ineffective brain when you’re at home. Separating homelife from work life allows you to be more focussed, stick to an organised daily structure and create a stable work-life balance that encourages you to truly switch off when you walk out of the office door. 

Having a steady work-life balance is not only important for your time in the office because it also encourages improved physical and mental health in your spare time.

Meetings are easier in person

We’ve all experienced THOSE zoom calls. 

The ones when the microphone won’t turn on. The ones when the internet connection seems lost to the wilderness. The ones where your boss is unable to share their screen when they have something important to show you. 

Meetings that produce the most dynamic, creative and constructive results happen in person, where everyone can pitch in and add their ideas to the whiteboard. Having an office space with dedicated meeting areas will transform your meeting mindset. 

Develop better relationships with your colleagues 

Having a sociable working environment that your employees can settle into helps build tangible relationships that improve the capacity for teamwork. 

Growing positive relationships is much easier in person, and although working at home can feel more comfortable, it’s nice to start your day by greeting colleagues in person and having a quick chat about your weekend plans. 

You’ll also be able to lean over and ask for help whenever you need it. 

Cohesive Company Culture

Having employees scattered about can lead to a disjointed image of who the company are and what they stand for, and oddly, the hustle and bustle that exists within an office environment can be a deciding factor on an organisation’s overall feeling. 

When everyone is working together and having a chat and cup of tea in the staff room, you create a memorable culture where people are free to bounce off each other’s ideas, which can lead to the ideation of the most innovative developments within your company. 

It is also a well known fact that building strong, positive relationships between colleagues can be the deciding factor in whether or not an employee truly loves their job and decides to stay. 

With Havant Self Storage, you’ll find office rental solutions that allow you to reap the benefits of having an active office space, at an affordable price. 

Our 20ft converted containers are guaranteed to be high quality, durable and adaptable to your working needs. Whether you’re looking for refurbished or brand new space for your employees to feel motivated and appreciated, our low-risk, cost-effective offices are the ideal solution for you. 

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