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How to Propose to that Special Someone

Proposing to the one you love is the ultimate romantic gesture and marks the start of a wonderful life in each other’s company. It should be a perfect moment of harmony, bringing together the passion and delight of future years together; a memory that you both cherish for the rest of your lives. 

To make things easier, Aurum Designer Jewellers have created this guide to help you pull off a flawless proposal, complete with the bespoke engagement ring of your partner’s dreams. 

Tips for a memorable engagement 

The most important thing you need to do when proposing to your future spouse is to soak up the moment and enjoy yourself, but there are a few things to consider to make the moment truly special: 

  1. Make sure they’re ‘the one’. Although it might seem obvious, it’s important to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about marriage before you pop the question.
  2. Ask their family’s permission. Asking for their family’s permission to propose can be seen as old-fashioned, but it’s still viewed as a courtesy. This can likewise be a lovely way to make their family feel like a part of it, and give you options for creating a surprise engagement 
  3. Choose a fitting location. The best location for your proposal is the one that feels the most meaningful to you as a couple. This could be at the restaurant where you had your first date, over an intimate dinner in your home, or on holiday in a swoony tourist spot
  4. Prepare your wording in advance. Although asking someone to marry you can be the most exciting moment of your life, you may also be wracked with nerves. If there’s something particularly special that you’d like to say, you may want to practise it in advance in order to get the wording just right.

How much should you spend on the ring? 

Traditionally, it is said that you should spend the equivalent of 3 months’ wages on an engagement ring, but this number isn’t fixed. The style, size and material can all impact the price of your chosen ring, but realistically all of these factors are entirely up to you. 

No matter what your budget is, the most important thing to ask yourself is: will my partner love it? There’s no point spending tens of thousands of pounds on a ring if your spouse-to-be isn’t going to adore it. 

Which finger does the ring go on? 

Engagement and wedding rings sit on the fourth finger of the left hand. This western custom dates back to the Romans who believed that there was a vein in this specific finger that runs straight to the heart. It was known as the ‘vein of love’. 

How to find out your partner’s ring size 

There are two key ways that you can determine the ring size of your partner’s finger: 

  1. Measure the inside of one of their existing rings 
  2. Wait until they’ve accepted your proposal to come back for a fitting 

We would recommend taking your ring back to the jewellers with your other half to arrange a professional fitting. This is because we’ll be able to get a more accurate measurement. 

For bespoke rings, it’s important to get the fitting just right to make it perfectly tailored to your future spouse. 

Finding the perfect stone for your engagement ring 

Classically, engagement rings consist of a round, white diamond encased in a silver or gold band; now there is an abundance of choice. From cloudy gemstones to clean cut rubies, the details of their engagement ring are entirely up to you. 

Aside from the type of stone, you’ll also need to consider the cut, colour, clarity and carat you’re after: 

Carat: A carat is a unit of measurement used to determine the purity and weight of precious stones. In most cases, it is believed that an engagement stone should be around one carat. 

Colour: If you’re going for the classic diamond design, then you’ll probably be familiar with the typical clear, white diamond colour. While this is the most valuable, it is not the only diamond colour out there. 

Cut: There are several standard cuts for diamond engagement rings that include princess cut, emerald, heart, trilliant and pear. The shape of the diamond impacts how light reflects off the stone, and can be an indicator of the shape you want the ring to form around it. 

Clarity: Diamond clarity refers to the existence of blemishes and inclusions on the stone. Professional jewellers can see tiny clouds and scratches through a magnifying eyeglass that are invisible to the naked eye, but ultimately impact the purity and reflective quality of the diamond. 

Style and design of ring

Whether they’re after a timeless silver band or something that is entirely unique to their individual tastes, going bespoke allows you to create something truly beautiful to define the most special moment of both your lives. 

Before settling on a design, it’s a good idea to visit a few different jewellery stores to browse their selection of pre-made rings as you’ll get a more varied spectrum of engagement ring styles and shapes, as well as the wedding ring that will eventually slot on top of it. 

There are a multitude of ring styles that could be considered for your partner’s engagement ring. These include the simple silver Solitaire, a dual Cathedral band with embedded jewels, or even the Cluster that allows you to add additional stones such as emeralds or rubies for a pop of colour. 

Commemorate the most memorable moment in their life with a bespoke engagement ring that they’re sure to fall in love with from Aurum Designer Jewellers

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