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How your business can make the most out of Facebook

Entering the world of social media can be daunting but these days it is essential for businesses to have a social media presence.

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‘Smart city’ government cash goes to Glasgow

The Scottish city of Glasgow has won a £24m government grant that will be used to make it one of the UK’s first smart cities.

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Is social media linked to the reduction in vandalism?

New figures released by the Crime Survey of England and Wales have found reports of vandalism have reduced by 37% since March 2007.

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What’s next for Lance Armstrong?

It was all true. After over a decade of emphatic denials Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah Winfrey last week that he has been doping throughout his career.

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Google’s record $50bn year

Google has announced that its revenues reached an astounding $50bn in 2012. Co-founder of Google, Larry Page, said that the new figures were “not a bad achievement” for the search engine firm. I think he may be being a bit modest.

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Invest in the future

January can be a difficult time for a business, but it’s crucial that you invest in the future.

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Boost in online trading

A boost in online trading stopped a fall in retail sales in December, the British Retail Consortium has said. While shops had their third worst month of 2012 an increase in online trading helped retailers have a flat Christmas performance.

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Is your password vulnerable to hacking? 90% are

New research by global consultancy firm Deloittes has found that over 90% of online passwords, even those that are deemed as strong choices, will be vulnerable to hacking in 2013.

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Internet ad spend up

While UK television and newspapers reported a decline in ad revenues during the Olympics, Internet ad spend was up for the same period.

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HD? 3D? What about B & W?

I was astonished to read that in this world of HD and 3D there are still 13,000 people in the UK who applied for a black and white TV licence in 2012.

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