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Opportunistic thieves target garages

Burglars have been targeting underground garages in Bournemouth to try and trick their way into properties.

Householders have been told to be cautious after reports of criminals following residents into car parks to avoid security gates. Other thieves have been ringing doorbells and claiming to be residents who have locked themselves out.

One of the latest victims of these criminal activities is photographer Chris Skone-Roberts, who had his bike and photographic equipment stolen from his home on Branksome Wood Road.

Residents often leave items such as bikes and tools unlocked in the underground area as they trust each other, but this incident has caused them to re-evaluate their security precautions.

“Police have told me they follow people in through the gates before rifling through all the garages,” he said.

“They think others are stealing electronic key fobs from unlocked vehicles so they can go in and out when they please.

“I just wanted to warn people that if you think your belongings are safe in a locked, underground car park, they’re not.”

Mr Skone-Roberts’ property was targeted twice in December.

Recently a £1,900 bike was stolen from flats in Cranborne Road in Bournemouth town centre after a resident let in the burglars who had pretended that they were locked out.

If you have any information about these burglaries, contact Dorset Police on 101 or the free and anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.

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