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Most Expensive Mince Pie Won by Ilford Boy

Six-year-old Mukund Soni has received an early Christmas present in the form of a mince pie that is worth £3,000. The boy received the world’s most expensive mince pie after he won it in a raffle at the Marvellous Mince Pie Manufactory at The Exchange shopping centre in Ilford, East London.

The luxury mince pie was crafted by Andrew Stellitano, 25, a luxury food maker and owner of Astarism, a luxury food design company. It was made using cinnamon from eastern markets and vanilla beans. The pie’s expensive price-tag is due to the extra special ingredients added by its creator Stellitano, which include holy water from Lourdes that was used to bind the pie, eggnog that was used as a glaze, a platinum leaf for decoration and ambergris sugar (an expensive sugar made from a bile excreted from sperm whales) which was used to dust the pie.

Stellitano also added another special treat to the pie in the form of a platinum coin hidden inside the pie worth £600. It is traditional to place a coin inside festive treats, but the designer took it one step further.

Stellitano crafted the pie from a 17th Century recipe using a Victorian mould, but he also took advantage of modern technology. He used lasers to get the intricate detail of the design, which would have been more difficult to achieve in the 17th Century. The mince pie took Stellitano ten days to make.

Mukund Soni’s parents say that the mince pie is a great early Christmas present for their son.

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