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Cash Injection For Redbridge Road And Transport Network Improvement

The borough of Redbridge in Ilford is set to receive a cash injection of more than £5 million from the government’s £147 million Transport for London (TfL) package.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced the package in December 2011, declaring that “Every London borough is receiving money that will directly benefit communities, making London an even better place to live and work.”

Redbridge will use the award, one of the highest awarded across all London boroughs, to make improvements to public transport and road safety. Funds from the £5.1 million award will also be used to rejuvenate town centres and improve the borough’s facilities for walking and cycling.

Plans have already been announced as to some of the projects that the cash injection will benefit. Over half a million will go on essential road maintenance and in excess of £300,000 has been allocated to green projects. These include £100,000 to be spent on strengthening accessibility to bus stops and revamping walking and cycling routes. £221,000 will improve pedestrian access to Chadwell Heath town centre and station.

The borough has already seen measurable success with schemes of this kind. Funding received in 2010 financed projects including additional parking spaces, improved pedestrian crossings, community based cycle training events for children and adults and over one hundred new street trees in the area. According to the TfL, the £1.9 million received, and the resulting projects, have helped to reduce the crime rate in the area by as much as 50%.

Boris Johnson believes that the reduction in red tape and bureaucracy has made it easier for the London boroughs to decide how they want to spend allocated funding to afford the most benefit to their communities.

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