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Off-road driving lessons

Learners are being offered new kinds of driving lessons in Stoke-on-Trent at Bryan’s Road Safety Centre based at Britannia Stadium. The new lessons give novice drivers the chance to learn in a safe environment away from other road users.

Novice drivers are being given the opportunity to learn the basics of car control in which will benefit them, instructors, living on popular teaching routes.

Beginners can learn the basics of driving including using the pedals, changing gears and breaking away from traffic, other road users and pedestrians. The lessons are also open to 16 year olds who are preparing to get their provisional licence.

The only facility of its kind in North Staffordshire has been developed by motorcycle instructor, Kevin Bryan, and his car instructor sister, Karen.

Kevin says: “Motorcycles have long required a lot of training off the road and certain basic skills to be mastered before a rider is allowed to begin learning on the highway and it seems sensible to extend this to car novices.

“It will be a tremendous help to beginners to get used to all the controls and simple manoeuvres like reversing and turning right or left here, away from any other traffic, so that all they have to think about is the car. It means that when they do start on the highway they will be able to learn the road craft much more easily.”

Karen says: “This takes the pressure off everyone, us, the pupils, other drivers, and I would also say a lot of residents too. We know there is hostility towards learners from people who live on roads often used by instructors to do things like a turn in the road, or reversing around a corner. Guernsey Drive in the Westlands is notorious among instructors as a place to avoid because so many people living there are fed up with school cars.”

Ben Jeffrey, a local driving instructor, has already taken some of his pupils to the facility and said: “This allows pupils to absorb the basics much faster because there is no pressure on them and nothing else to think about. That in itself is half the battle won and I think it will pay further dividends when they do go on to the road because they will have more confidence and be more skilful. It is a brilliant scheme.”

To use the facility costs £25 per hour and must be booked through Bryan’s Road Safety Centre which has a legal agreement with the stadium. For more details contact the centre on 01782 595000.

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