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Swansea soldier Jay went form the salon to the frontline

A teenager has quit his job at a hairdressers in Swansea to serve on the frontline in Afghanistan.

Guardsman Jay Morgan, of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, has swapped his day job of washing and cutting hair at Brian Brown’s Hair Salon to fight for his country.

19 year old Jay will be helping to train members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) during his first tour of Helmand Province.

Guardsman Morgan said: “We do day patrols at the Afghan Uniform Police checkpoint — we take lessons on searching and ground signs. We are like their shadows in case they get something wrong.”

He added: “When you are in theatre (Afghanistan) it’s like a shock to the system. But it’s been going all right in Afghanistan — it’s not as bad as some people made out.”

Jay was inspired to change his career by a good friend.

“I was working at Brian Brown’s hairdressers in Swansea for a year — I started out by sweeping up the hair and making the brews.

“As I was advanced in my training I would cut people’s hair for half price.

“I told them that I was going into the Army as my best mate is also in the Army.

“I joined the Welsh Guards — and it’s awesome.”

During his time in the army he has performed a series of ceremonial duties but his highlight has been his role in the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“It was the first time I have done anything that big — it was a good experience especially the party afterwards,” he added. “When they (the royal couple) came out in their carriage I was one of the first guardsmen they passed.

“All my family were proud — they didn’t expect me to be involved with something that big.”

He has won two Welsh vests in school boy boxing championships and hopes to turn professional in the future.

“I was supposed to be boxing in the London Olympics this year but I broke my hand,” he said. “I’m devastated not to be taking part.

“But I’m going to try for the Army boxing team and turn professional after the next Olympics in four years’ time.

“I will become like a tracksuit soldier — but soldiering comes first and then it’s sport.”

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