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Tree lined streets in Swansea boulevard project

Swansea council is keen to start major environmental improvements on Oystermouth Road between the River Tawe and the LC.

They are proposing lining both sides of the road with trees and planting trees in the central verge.

They are planning to re-develop the area with new natural stone pavements, resurfaced carriageways as well as cycling facilities and better pedestrian crossing points.

The new renovation will improve the look of the main road. It is part of a Swansea’s £8 million boulevard project that must be completed by 2015 because of funding conditions.

The project aims to improve the main gateway in and out of the city as well as the link between the city centre and waterfront area.

Work that is already underway includes a new and widely-applauded River Tawe bridges traffic system and a new pedestrian crossing at the West Way and Oystermouth Road junction. The council has also used the money to fill in of the Victoria Road underpass, carry out improvements along Adelaide Street and help traffic flow on Oystermouth Road through restrictions of the number of exits and entrances.

Landlord at the Queen’s Hotel in Swansea, Gary Owen said that he believed that the proposals were a good idea.

“I think it will enhance the approach and make it a bit more welcoming,” he said.

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