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Water skier Ray says age is no barrier

Many of us search for ways to keep looking and feeling young, but a Swansea pensioner has revealed that all it takes is staying away from smoking, playing sports and going out with your friends on a Friday night.

80 year old grandfather Ray Trotman is the oldest member of the Mumbles Water Skiing Club and regularly completes the slalom course at a lake in Resolven alongside his wife Carole.

He said: “Everybody asks me what my secret is, and I don’t really have one. In my life I’ve always played sports such as football, badminton and table tennis. I have never smoked and I’ve always gone to Wind Street on a Friday night.

“I’ve never missed a Friday night on Wind Street. I’ve been going to the No Sign Bar since 1952. My wife and I go out every Wednesday together and every Saturday.”

He has kept active over the years by playing water polo for Swansea, table tennis for Plasmarl and badminton for his employers.

He joined the Mumbles Water Skiing Club in 1956 and has his own boat called Picton 156.

He said: “A friend of mine bought a boat and I learned to ski with him. I’ve been water skiing ever since. I would go every day if we had the weather. Last week I went skiing up at a lake in Resolven. At the moment the Mumbles Water Ski Club now has six members. It used to be we had a waiting list at one time. The youngest member is now about 36.

“The situation is that new members are welcome to join the club but if they don’t have their own boat it can be awkward.”

Carole couldn’t swim before they met but now she is a keen water-skier, like her husband. She works at The Ritz hairdressers in Swansea and has been cutting hair for over 40 years.

She said: “We usually go out once or twice a week, sometimes we go down Wind Street and we go for a drink and a meal.

“Ray likes going down for a night with the boys. He taught me to water-ski. I couldn’t ski before I met Ray. Being married to him keeps me going. He keeps egging me on to do things. He goes water skiing as much as he can. They go down to Loughor a lot too.”

Ray believes that keeping active is the secret to his healthy life: “I wish I had a pound for every mile I swam. I have swam throughout my life. I love the water and I love swimming.

“I think water skiing is one of the most strenuous sports. You have to be quite fit.”

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