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Christmas dinner – on a pizza?

I admit, I am definitely a member of the ‘keep Christmas dinner easy and simple’ camp, but a Christmas dinner pizza is taking things too far!

Asda is due to launch a Christmas dinner pizza – complete with all the trimmings – roast potatoes, sprouts, cranberry sauce and …..chicken!

The pizza, probably not intended by the supermarket as an alternative to the actual Christmas Day dinner but just as a seasonal food item – has got everyone in a tiz! Social media has gone crazy with the shock!

Comments include:

  • ‘Brussel sprouts do not belong on a pizza’
  • ‘is this the saddest Christmas dinner in existence?’
  • ‘can’t think of anything more foul’
  • ‘Christmas dinner doesn’t belong anywhere but on a plate’

I’m not one of those people who gets stressed about Christmas dinner – I just keep it straightforward but with all the traditional items – so I can enjoy the rest of day and relax with my family. But the idea of having a pizza (just an open sandwich really) seems ludicrous.

Maybe a Christmas dinner pizza might, however, be an alternative option for the Xmas dinner leftovers – instead of the usual turkey sandwiches and turkey curry!

Asda has not yet commented on the festive pizza but it is due to be launched on December 7, costing £4 or £2.60 for a small.

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