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Could time travel be a possibility?

Physicists are beginning to think it is possible to build a time machine!

All you really need is a wormhole and a dash of dark energy and you’re away. These things aren’t that easy to come by, however, but that’s the next challenge.

University of Connecticut professor Ron Mallett has been working on plans for a small machine that would demonstrate the possibility of time travel.

He told the BBC: “If space is being twisted strongly enough, this linear timeline is going to be twisted into a loop. If time all of a sudden is twisted into a loop that allows us the possibility of travelling into the past.

“If I could build a time machine, then I could go back into the past and see my father again and maybe save his life and change everything.”

It’s mind boggling stuff. If we could travel through time, would we choose to change our entire history? How would that even work? Would the world’s governments get to decide what we could and couldn’t change?

It would definitely be a good idea to travel back to catch up with Albert Einstein, who came up with the original idea of space-time and the idea that it was possible to warp this.

Who else would you like to meet up with?

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