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Forget about the board room, hit the pavements

Office staff are being encouraged to carry out their meetings whilst walking, instead of sitting around a table munching doughnuts.

The advice is being given by government body Public Heath England (PHE) in an aim to get us all moving about a bit more.

For anyone who has ever been a fan of American politics series The West Wing, the idea will give you images of the president and his staff famously striding through the White House whilst carrying out important discussions/debates. It looked like great fun and I would love to try it! Unfortunately, for most of us, it wouldn’t be the stunning corridors and hallways of The White House we would be walking through, but a smelly car park at the back of the office.

It’s a serious issue though. PHE reports that over 6.3 million adults aged 40 to 60 do not achieve 10 minutes of continuous brisk walking over the course of a month.

Clinical adviser Professor Sir Muir Gray says: “We all know physical activity is good for your health, but for the first time we’re seeing the effects that easily achievable changes can make.

“By walking just 10 continuous minutes at a brisk pace every day, an individual can reduce their risk of early death by 15%. They can also prevent or delay the onset of disability and further reduce their risk of serious health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and some cancers.”


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