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How attitudes change over time

Isn’t it amazing how attitudes can change over time? It has always fascinated me how society can judge…

…something to be acceptable or unacceptable at one time, and then completely reverse that viewpoint within a matter of decades.

A survey has recently been completed regarding the attitudes British people have over a number of issues.

Amazingly, nearly half of the people interviewed believe that taxes should increase to reduce the effects of austerity.

It is incredible to think that people would be happy to pay more taxes, but the cuts are starting to have a real impact on people’s lives now, and it seems that the population wants more support for our public services.

People are also a lot more liberal now than a few decades ago. Three-quarters of people believe there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage – that figure was at 42% in 1983.

Same-sex marriage has seen a colossal increase in terms of the number of people who think there is nothing wrong at all with it.

The public’s view on terrorism has remained traditionally conservative, with people quite understandably wanting to feel safe and wanting a tough crackdown on it.

I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that attitudes change. The world is constantly changing and shaped by events taking place across the globe.

A change of attitude doesn’t just affect society; it happens to us all as individuals as well.

What you thought was perfectly fine when you were a child changes as you get into your teens and as an adult.

It is a good thing that we can change our perspective on issues anyway. If every single human being was completely stubborn and totally unwilling to bend on an opinion for eternity, the world would have probably ended by now.

We should celebrate the different opinions people have over issues, and learn to compromise, no matter what age or circumstances we find ourselves in.


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