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Just how good are the new Star Wars films?

JJ Abrams is doing a cracking job of the new Star Wars films.

It is a great time for Star Wars fans


The director, who is popular for sci-fi series Lost and resurrecting the Star Trek franchise, was given a seemingly impossible task when he took on Star Wars.

Episodes I, II and III were much-maligned, mainly due to the highly political nature of the stories, and the proliferation of CGI instead of props, although there were some moments which fans could hold on to, such as the Darth Maul fight scene in Episode I.

Abrams had the task of getting Star Wars back to how good it was in its pomp in the 1960s, while also creating something new, vibrant and exciting.

Throw in a multi-million-pound budget and you have what is probably one of the most difficult challenges a director has had to face in the history of film.

But he has taken that pressure on and done an absolutely stellar job.

The Force Awakens is a great film. It’s true that the plot is unbelievably similar to A New Hope, but there is so much to enjoy and it really felt like Star Wars being back to its best.

And more recently, we have had the pleasure of Rogue One, which in my opinion was one of the best films that came out last year.

It is a little slow to start with, but that’s only to help set the film up, and the last half-hour to an hour absolutely blows your socks off.

It is incredible how the plot ties everything up perfectly to set up A New Hope, with Rogue One set in between Episodes III and IV.

Abrams has laid the groundwork perfectly and I can’t wait to see how this latest trilogy of Star Wars films pans out.

There is also the new Han Solo film to come out, so there is plenty to look forward to for Star Wars fans over the next few years.


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