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Lessons need to be learned from tragedy

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower is the latest incident that the people of London are having to deal with.

Following the horrific terrorist attacks at Westminster, London Bridge and Borough Market, residents in our capital city woke up this morning to news of an awful fire ripping through a high-rise residential block.

At the time of writing, at least six people have died and more than 70 people are in hospital, and it is difficult to comprehend a fire of this scale given the times that we live in.

It isn’t yet known what caused the fire, but what is shocking is how quickly it was able to spread over 24 floors.

The images and videos that appeared on Twitter overnight were harrowing, and so are the tales that eyewitnesses and residents in the tower have been telling the media.

Stories include a baby being dropped out of a window to escape the blaze, and residents’ groups telling the council that they had concerns about fire regulations in the building before the fire took hold.

There is no doubt that these are testing times for the people of London.

But what is encouraging is that once again, people are rallying to help those who have been affected by this horrendous incident.

Jamie Oliver said that his restaurant would be opened up to evacuees for free food and drink, an art gallery and sports centre offered refuge for residents, and the local council had to ask people to stop donating items for those affected because they had been inundated with donations from well-wishers.

It is yet another example of people doing incredible things to help other human beings in need.

But there is no doubt that the people who live in Grenfell Tower and the families of victims who lived there deserve answers for why this terrible tragedy has happened.

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