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Now you can chat with your cat

Ever wondered what your pet would say to you if it could talk? Of course you have.  Well, now you can find out (sort of) thanks to the world’s first talking cat collar.

The Catterbox has been designed by The Temptations Lab – a project set specifically to ‘inject some serious fun into cats’ lives’ and to bring cats and their owners together.

The invention is a collar that translates a cat’s meow into a human voice so owners can try to find out what they are trying to say.

Temptations Lab explains: “We believe that if people understood cats better they’d see just how awesome they really are. So our mission was simple: give cats a voice.

“Studies have shown that adult cats meow when talking to humans, not to each other. We’ve analysed these cat sounds and created a program that detects a cat’s meow and matches it to a human voice. We then put this technology inside a sleek 3D printed collar which connects seamlessly to our app where you can choose your cat’s new voice.”

It does sound like fun although I do have to wonder if the cat appreciates wearing the talking collar – I can imagine that might get a big annoying after a while, a bit like the voices on sat nav systems!

I heard a great quote on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch the other day when presenter Tim Lovejoy said the definition of a pet was one that would come back to you if you put it down outside – otherwise all you have done is trap an animal! He could be right! I dread to think what our hamsters would say to us if they could talk – I doubt they would want us to put them down outside to be eaten by the next passing bird, but they would possibly have a few complaints!


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