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Plane goes back to base after hole discovered

Usually if there is a hole in something it isn’t really a big deal.

You might have a hole in some clothing, or maybe in a cuddly toy, and usually it can be easily fixed with a bit of tape or by patching the hole up.

However, somewhere you probably wouldn’t expect to see a hole in is an aeroplane.

That reality played itself out for terrified passengers on a flight from Sydney over the weekend.

I can’t imagine how freaked out you must get when you realise there is a hole in a plane!

Aeroplane accidents are extremely rare, and it is arguably the safest form of transport there is out there.

You usually only hear of one or two plane incidents a year, which is an incredible feat when you consider how many thousands of flights there are every day, week, month and year.

Unfortunately, the problem is that when there are any accidents, there aren’t usually any survivors.

The miracle on the Hudson river is perhaps an exception, when the pilot successfully managed to land his plane on the water after a birdstrike.

In this latest example, the China Eastern Airlines plane had to turn back to Sydney Airport an hour into the flight after a hole was discovered in the engine casing.

Passengers said they could smell burning inside the aircraft, which must have been terrifying when you’re thousands of feet up in the air in essentially nothing more than a flying box.

This is the second time a problem of this nature has happened, which means that aviation authorities are now investigating why this has happened.

I quite enjoy flying so this incident won’t put me off.

It is a lot more dangerous getting in your car than on an aeroplane.

But it does remind you that there can be perils to any form of transport, so it is important to try and stay as safe as possible.

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