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Pyjama police strike again

It’s reared its ugly head again, the great heated debate on whether it is acceptable to go to a supermarket in your night wear.

In my opinion, it depends what you wear to bed, surely? If you settle down to your slumber in your birthday suit or a little lacy number, then clearly you cannot set off to do your weekly grocery shop like that.

If you head to bed in a pair of ‘lounge pants’ as they are often known these days, then surely no offence is being caused?

Tesco has said customers wearing pyjamas and dressing gowns in its stores is ‘not a big issue’ after a complaint from another customer.

There are probably plenty of worse things to be seen wearing in public, so where would you draw the line if you banned pjs. For example:

  • Socks and sandals!
  • Leggings with a short top
  • Shorts that don’t actually cover your bottom cheeks
  • Lycra
  • Trousers below the waist of your underwear

Shall I go on?

Personally, I would never go out shopping in my nightclothes – they’re not cool and they are certainly not flattering.

However, I agree with Tesco on this one – there is no reason why other people wearing them should cause me offence. I am more likely to laugh at someone in their pyjamas than be annoyed or offended by them.

So come on pyjama police – live and let live!


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