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Sibling rivalry just got worse

Oh dear, sibling rivalry everywhere is about to get worse.

A study has found that first-borns tend to be more intelligent than their siblings due to enjoying more attention from their parents at an early age.

Cries of ‘you love them more than me’ will be heard up and down the land as disgruntled second, third and fourth-borns have their suspicions confirmed.

The study, by the Universities of Edinburgh and Sydney, claims first-borns have higher IQs from a young age due to extra stimulation.

It suggests this advantage carries right through to late life, when they enjoy better exam results and better jobs.

The reason? Parents were found to spend less time with younger siblings on activities such as reading, crafts and music.

The report states: “As early as age one, later-born children score lower on cognitive tests than their siblings, and the birth order gap increases until school entry and remains statistically significant thereafter.

“Our findings suggest that a broad shift in parental behaviour is plausible explanation for the observed birth order differences in education and labour market outcomes.”

This research may be interesting, but it’s not helpful for family relations! I’m off now to have a moan at my older brother…


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