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Signs under the spotlight

Ever get fed up with being told what to do? If so, then the Devon town of Dawlish is not the place for you.

The town apparently has so many bossy signs that one tourist felt the need to complain in an online review of their visit.

Signs that came under fire included ones about: not chasing birds, not feeding bread to the ducks and keeping dogs on short leads.

The Trip Advisor review said: “Dawlish looks old, sad and ridiculous with so many notices. It feels oppressive for visitors.

“If you want visitors then try welcoming them! Forget the ‘Do not do this’ and the ‘Do not do that’ and start looking at the contradictions, confusion and general negativity it brings.”

The town’s mayor has accepted the criticism gracefully, saying the town’s signage will be reviewed as a result.

It reminds me of the amusing signs you find in swimming pools – with instructions such as ‘no bombing’ and ‘no heavy petting’…

Other funny signs that have been in the news this year have included: ‘Illegally parked cars will be fine’, instead of ‘fined’ and ‘do not touch bread with hands, please use tongue’, instead of ‘tong’!

And I have personally lost count of the amount of times I have seen signs with apostrophes in the wrong place this year!

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