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Somebody hand me my sunglasses…

Have you been feeling a bit down in the dumps this week? 

Well, if you have, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the wintery trend for naming days by colour doesn’t disappear with the sales rage that is Black Friday; instead it sails right on through to the third Monday in January, when everyone who is desperate for chocolate, pay day, sunshine and all that is happy can bleakly look forward to what has been chippily named Blue Monday. Blue Monday, just to clear up any confusion, is ‘THE MOST DEPRESSING DAY OF THE YEAR.’ Apparently.

We should invent cards for these days, at least getting a card on Black Friday or Blue Monday would brighten what is otherwise going to be a horrifying day in prospect. But I digress.

Because, what Blue Monday really means is it’s just a stone’s throw, or a caber toss, away from Tartan Sunday! (Or plaid Sunday if you live in the States). Yes, that’s right, on January 25 it’s Scotland’s unofficial national saint’s day – a whole day and night dedicated to celebrating the poet Robert Burns.

So, what better way to banish the blues than holding a Burn’s supper? It‘s worth doing your research beforehand, mainly so if you don’t already know, you can find out exactly why Robbie was a man worth raising a dram to.  Once you have everything in hand, then all that’s needed is someone who can confidently address the haggis before you sit down to tuck in.

And if this doesn’t whet your whistle, why not look a bit further down the line to February, when you can celebrate Pink Fluffy Saturday (Valentine’s Day). And on Thursday February 19 you can mark Chinese New Year which, in keeping with modern tradition, has from here on in been renamed Red Letter Thursday.

Somebody hand me my sunglasses, because all of a sudden the start of the year is looking a whole lot brighter.


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