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Squirt, shake and squeeze no more?

Anyone who has ever battled to reach the last dregs of ketchup or mayo in a jar or bottle will welcome the news that a cure for this universal annoyance is on its way.

A slippery coating has been created that makes the food slide off – reducing waste and eliminating the need to squirt, shake and squeeze to reach the last of your chosen sauce.

The coating has been developed by a US company called LiquiGlide and is made from purely natural ingredients.

The company says in a press release: “What the wheel was to transportation, LiquiGlide is to liquids – it changes how liquids move. From oil and gas, to better packaging for consumer goods, to high tech medical equipment, LiquiGlide’s technology allows viscous liquids to move easily.”

You only need to look on social media to see just how frustrating we find this problem. There are entire forums and articles dedicated to the best techniques for reaching the last bit of sauce.

Ideas include watering down the remaining sauce with a relevant liquid – water, vinegar or even sherry, heating the container slightly or of course shaking it fiercely in a downward position whilst trying not to whack yourself in the face.

So, hopefully getting sauce out of a bottle will soon come off my: “why hasn’t someone invented a way of making this easier” list. There are still plenty of other things on there though, including:

  • Trying to get a toothbrush out of its packet
  • Finding a reusable drinks bottle that doesn’t leak
  • How to find my mobile phone in my bag
  • Grating cheese without grating my fingers
  • Liberating a cucumber from its packaging

Shall I go on?


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