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Teenage boys fight for feminism

Pupils from an all-boys school in Australia have made a video about why feminism is important.

The students at Sydney High School interviewed women about why feminism was important to them and then videoed themselves reading out the answers – wow, good for them.

The statements themselves were shocking – they included:

“Feminism is important to me because when I was 12 my dad told me I should be ashamed of my body and that I had thunder-thighs.”

“Feminism is important to me because my dad doesn’t think I can be an engineer and my mum doesn’t think I can be an economist because that’s too hard for a girl.”

The video has gone viral.

In another story, Emma Watson also unwittingly demonstrated why feminism is an important issue when she was slated for photographs of her showing parts of her breasts.

The photographs were taken for Vanity Fair. She was wearing a slightly see-through and not fully covering shrug with nothing underneath.

Critics jumped on the pictures, saying she was no longer qualified to campaign/speak out for women’s rights. A heated debate followed.

I fail to see how attractive and arty photographs of a woman have anything to do with her right to be treated as equally as men? Should women only wear ‘frumpy’ clothes in order to be taken seriously?

International Women’s Day was on March 8: let’s hope that day concentrates on righting the shocking inequalities that women and girls suffer throughout the world – rather than concentrating on what a celebrity might be wearing for a photo shoot…


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