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The snarling face of Britain today

The other day, in the space of just 30 minutes, two minor incidents summed up what a nasty nation we have become.  Neither event warranted police action, or maybe even a second glance.

In fact both were probably forgotten as soon as they had taken place.

But they were a sharp reminder of the rude, impatient and aggressive behaviour that has become the norm in our towns and cities.

Incident One:

On a narrow, traffic clogged road, a driver indicated to pull into a parking spot. They didn’t manage the tight, reversing manoeuvre first time and had to try again.

Cue a blaring horn as a 4×4 attempted to inch past, with the under pressure driver gingerly squeezing their hatchback into the space.

The motorist in the BMW looked daggers at the hapless driver before screeching off in a huff.

From start to finish the whole episode didn’t last a minute.

Incident Two:

At the supermarket a checkout operator was unable to correctly scan a packet of breakfast cereal. She buzzed for help but didn’t get an immediate response. When assistance did eventually arrive – it was a busy lunchtime – the till had jammed completely, forcing the colleague to carry out a series of checks to unlock the machine …all to a chorus of tutting and snide comments from a customer waiting in line. The remarks caused embarrassment to all those within earshot, yet no one was inconvenienced for more than five minutes.

These two dispiriting events were a snapshot of just what a self-absorbed lot we have degenerated into, ready at the drop of a hat to stamp our feet like children when the world doesn’t work as it should.

With the season of goodwill fast approaching, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all think about others for a change.


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