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What is in a name?

The inspirations that people use when it comes to finding names for their children or pets is something I find fascinating.


It is a very important decision when it comes to finding a name that is suitable and reflects what you want it to reflect.

A recent study found that Oliver is the most popular boys’ name in the country, while Olivia was the most popular name for babies born last year.

Popular culture is obviously a huge factor in what people decide to call their children.

The names George and Harry have seen a huge surge in recent years, and it is surely no coincidence that two members of the Royal Family have these names.

I can vouch for this personally, as my nephew was born last year and is called Harry. Whenever I ask people what they think of when they think of the name Harry, the first thought 90% of the time is of Prince Harry.

Muhammad has made an appearance in the top 10 of names for the first time, and this reflects the rich diversity the UK enjoys these days.

When it comes to names though, it is the more unusual names that I find particularly interesting.

Game of Thrones has had such an impact on peoples’ lives that Daenerys and Khaleesi are now becoming baby names.

Finn has also enjoyed a massive boost in popularity, due largely in part to the new Star Wars films.

Of course, celebrities aren’t the only inspiration people use when deciding names.

One of the more random methods was one my grandparents adopted when naming their dog.

They had a Golden Retriever called Szep, which was Hungarian for ‘beautiful.’

There is no Hungarian blood in the family as far as I am aware, but my grandad had a book of names from around the world and really liked this one.

It just goes to show that you can take inspiration from just about anywhere when it comes to finding an appropriate name.

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