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When I grow up I want to be…a Princess!

OK, the wait is over, we’ve seen the new baby, seen the post-birth glamour and seen the smiles plastering the faces of many a royal (with exception of the Queen, who managed a firm ‘not displeased’ face – which is as good as a beaming grin from her Maj).

Now we are all agog at what’s come next. No, it’s not the Cambridge family exit to their super-posh home in Norfolk, or the fact that William has somehow managed to snaffle six weeks of paternity leave (six weeks! Most women would have gone past the thankful-for-the-help stage after week three and be into just-stop-interfering-and-let-me-crack-on territory by then… perhaps Kate is a saint after all), but instead the talk of the town is the newly registered birth certificate.

Picture the scene, you are six years old and school has decided to hold an informal careers day to get the children thinking about the vast options facing them in the future. When the teacher asks what you want to be when you grow up you reply: “Princess of the United Kingdom.”

Well girls and boys, it turns out, according to Princess Charlotte’s birth certificate, that this is actually a proper job – one that Kate managed to bag without even being a proper royal! Gone are the days when the teacher would reply “Well, that’s never going to happen, how about being a dinner lady instead?”, instead now they will have to say something along the lines of: “OK, to achieve that you need to go to a very posh exclusive private school, hold your head in the correct manner, make sure you never fall over and show your pants and nab a place at the same university as a prince. Easy!”

Teachers and feminists across the UK will be breathing collective curses over this particular indiscretion by Kensington Palace. And with the new Frozen film coming out in the near future, there are going to be a lot of six-year-old princess hopefuls putting on their best fairytale frocks in the hope of taking the title of Princess of the United Kingdom in years to come.


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