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Winter warmers from the coldest places on earth

After a lovely long Indian summer that saw us wearing shorts in October, the cold weather is well and truly here and winter is fast approaching.

There are plenty of articles emerging out there about the same traditional, some would say dull, winter grub, so we thought we would look further afield to see what people who really have to deal with the cold eat.

First in any list of food from icy places should be the Icelandic hot dog, or should that be hot sheepdog? One of the most typically Icelandic foods is the pylsa hot dog. They contain free-range lamb which gives them an odd, full flavour. Popular across Iceland, a proper Icelandic hot dog is served með öllu, which means with everything including ketchup, sweet brown mustard, fried onions, raw onions, and remoulad, which is a cross between mayonnaise and relish. They can be ordered internationally at

Now to the home of Father Christmas and lovers of Rudolph should skip this paragraph because Lapland’s most iconic dish is sautéed reindeer. Reindeer are an incredibly nourishing alternative to venison with lots of protein and not too much fat which can be sourced easily in the UK. Sautéed reindeer is usually served as a bit of a cross between a stew and pulled meat in thick gravy.

Oh Canada! The third nation and the third high protein dish on our list. Poutine is an exceptionally popular dish, often considered Canada’s national dish. It is made of French fries topped with thin chicken or turkey gravy and finished with cheese curds. Easy enough to make at home.

So next time you need to warm your belly, consider Icelandic, Lappish or Canadian grub.


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