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Would you use these lazy inventions?

There are plenty of times when I have felt lazy and cannot be bothered getting up off the sofa.

We live in such a busy and active world these days that sometimes it is nice to just be lazy, and not do much of anything at all.

If there are ways we can combine jobs, this is another way we can save time doing menial tasks when we could be doing something else instead, or something more fun.

An Irish engineering student has recently invented an exercise-powered entertainment unit, which means your ability to stream film and TV is controlled by the amount of exercise you do.

I personally think this is an absolutely genius way of motivating people to get active, while watching your favourite shows at the same time.

It is a bit of a damning indictment as to how obsessed society now is with watching TV shows, but this student has identified a gap in the market and created something extremely novel, so you have to respect the chap’s entrepreneurial skill here.

Other inventions to help people save time had me howling with laughter.

The baby mop was perhaps the best. We all know babies crawl around, so someone having the idea to attach a mop to their baby so that they could clean the floor as they were going around the house is something I find simultaneously hilarious and horrifying.

The self-turning ice cream cone is arguably the most pointless in this list. I don’t mind being lazy now and again, but there is something seriously wrong if you cannot be bothered with the minimal effort that comes with turning an ice cream cone around.

The self-stirring mug is one that made me chuckle, as well as the myriad of clothes you can now buy with relaxation and comfort high up on the list, including hoodies with pillows attached to them.

Perhaps the thing that I find most interesting with creations like this is the paradox that laziness is encouraging people to be more inventive and come up with these pioneering ideas to encourage people to chill out.

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