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Mark Wood had ‘difficult Christmas’ on Polar exploration

Mark Wood, a Coventry man attempting to become the first person to ski alone to both the North and South Poles, reported that Christmas was a difficult time for him.

45 year old Mark is 40 days into the 115-day challenge which he started in Antarctica in November. He is completing the mammoth task to raise awareness of climate change.

He is currently 160 miles away from the South Pole. The temperatures have plunged to -27C and due to the adverse weather conditions Mr. Wood is believed to have lost a lot of weight.

Mr. Wood stated in his blog that he has remained on schedule but is “cold to his bones”.

He is eating around 5,500 calories a day and the sled that he has been dragging for the last 520 miles has been getting lighter and lighter as he is consuming his provisions.

He is hoping to reach the US Antarctic station at the South Pole in 10 days’ time. From there he will be flown to South Africa, then Canada and will only have three weeks to recover and gain body fat before he starts his journey to the North Pole.

If he completes his challenge, Mr. Wood will be the first person to ski alone and unaided across both the Arctic and Antarctica to reach both the North and South Poles.

Lizzie Page, his partner, said that she only managed to talk to him for two minutes via satellite phone on Christmas Day.

“Christmas is difficult because you want to be with your family,” she said. “We managed to be as cheerful as we could and enjoy the day as much as you can on your own. I worry, but I also know he’s very good at what he does.”

Mr. Wood is hoping that he will be able to persuade individuals and businesses to cut their carbon emissions by completing his challenge. People have already pledged to save 13,000kg of carbon dioxide through the DoNation website and Mr. Wood has set a target to save 100,000kg in total.


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