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New Role For Councillor Means New Figure

A city councillor had to go on a serious health kick when he took over the role for young people.

Coventry City Councillor Joe Clifford decided he would have to lose weight when he became the cabinet member for children and young people. He started his health campaign in September and has managed to lose four stone.

He decided get fit when he took over the role because he was concerned about obesity in young people and wanted to set a good example.

The 68-year-old started swimming, eating more healthily and living a healthier lifestyle.

He said: “I know losing weight can be difficult – after all, cream cakes are very nice. But it’s an issue I am passionate about.

“The health risks of obesity might not be as apparent as they are with smoking, but they are still there.”

He said he is concerned about obesity in Coventry, particularly among schoolchildren.

The NHS in Coventry says obesity is above the national average, with just over 10 per cent of children in reception being clinically obese, and 16 per cent in Year 6. It says levels of physical activity in the city are much less than what is recommended for children and adults. Children should do one hour of moderate intensity exercise every day, but a local report shows that at most only 50 per cent of children are doing this amount.

Coun Clifford added: “We have to help people find their own trigger to make them want to lose weight and what works for them.

“If anyone does try to change to a healthier lifestyle I wish them the best of luck.”

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