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A tirade against technology

I know technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more efficient, but sometimes just lately, I feel as if it does the opposite.

Many people have laughed at me for using an ‘old-fashioned’ paper diary instead of having all my information stored on my telephone but I honestly think it is a lot easier.

I bet I can open my diary and check a date just as quick, if not quicker, than a person fumbling around on their phone.

Technology frustrations that I have endured this week include:

  • Spending 20 minutes at a shop counter because they were having problems with their til
  • Having to wait half an hour at another shop because their credit card machine was not working
  • Problems at the vet because their computers were down meaning they could not access any animal files
  • Being late to start work because my laptop was frozen in updating land
  • Trying to conduct a long and complicated social event through texting when it would have been a lot easier to speak on the ‘old-fashioned’ telephone!

A story in the news this week also highlighted how NHS staff are finding technology actually hampers them in their work.

Sometimes a pen and a piece of paper are the still best tools for the job in my opinion!

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