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It’s official – we’re obsessed with Christmas!

With just five days left, no doubt you are in that pre-Christmas panic of trying to ensure that you have bought all your presents.

We are all searching for the perfect Christmas, whether that be trying to find the perfect gift for someone, finding the correct recipe or searching the weather forecast to see if we are going to get a white Christmas this year.

Great Britain has always gone a bit mad at Christmas, and I certainly don’t know anywhere else in the world that seems as mad for Christmas as early as we seem to be.

Some adverts start getting played out in October, and adverts such as those from Coca-Cola and John Lewis play such a huge role in our psyche that you often hear people saying how Christmas doesn’t truly begin until they see these adverts.

The introduction of Black Friday and the worsening economy means that people are spreading their Christmas spend into November now, and not just buying everything in December. This is to help peoples’ purse strings and take advantage of big discounts.

Research from Google this week has officially confirmed that the UK has the highest interest in searching Christmas related products out of anywhere in the world – even more than the U.S.

Interestingly, the fact that the U.S has Thanksgiving so close to Christmas is a factor which knocks the country down the list, whereas Britain has just the one holiday to celebrate.

Ireland, Slovakia, Italy, and the Czech Republic rank higher than America, which you may find surprising.

I must admit, I have always loved Christmas. From shopping for gifts, to getting the Christmas decorations up around the house and on the tree, to wrapping presents and eating loads of food, the festive period is a magical time of the year.

Given all the troubles in the world, it isn’t difficult to comprehend why people want some Christmas cheer in their life, and why we start searching for the perfect Christmas as early as we do.

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