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Amazing concert for Manchester victims

The One Love Manchester concert was held at Old Trafford cricket ground on an emotional night last night.

The courage that Ariana Grande has shown to get this event organised just two weeks after the horrendous events of her gig at the Manchester Arena is nothing short of remarkable.

She has donated an incredible amount of time and money towards the victims and their families, and her bravery to perform in front of the world is absolutely incredible.

You also have to commend the people who attended the event that were at the original concert. There must have been some trepidation among the fans going back to see her given what happened last time, but for them to be there and in full voice was fantastic.

The atmosphere also seemed to be one of joy, rather than fear. It makes you very proud to be British and proud of the values we stand for.

The concert seemed all the more important considering the terrorist incidents in London over the weekend.

Yet again, our way of life has been attacked and more people have died senselessly at the hands of cowards, which is why this concert seemed extremely fitting.

It took on even more importance that this concert was staged, and became almost a reaction to terrorism that the country has suffered as a whole, rather than the Manchester incident by itself.

There were some moments of real emotion, especially at the end with One Last Time – the final song Ariana Grande sung before the bomb went off.

For the music world to come together in this way sends out a real message for the world to see, and I really hope that people don’t view this in a cynical way as a method for these artists to sell records.

The concert was a brilliant idea, the fans who showed up are a real credit to themselves, and Ariana Grande has to go down as one of the bravest pop stars the world has ever seen.


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