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World is 0.28% more peaceful

Apparently there is something out there called the Global Peace Index, which I wasn’t aware of until today.

How you can quantify peace is something which I can’t really understand – and how can one act of violence outrank another?

But a think-tank in Sydney has measured global peace at 0.28% better in 2017 than 2016, so that is something to be hopeful about in some small way.

However, the same research says that terrorism has gone up and harmony has decreased in the U.S., so these findings are quite interesting.

The Institute for Economics and Peace says a drop in state-sponsored violence such as torture, a decrease in murders worldwide and the withdrawal of British and American troops from Afghanistan were the major contributory factors to the increased peace rate.

Europe was found as the most peaceful region on the planet, which doesn’t seem to marry with the increase in terrorism incidents in places such as Paris, Berlin, Nice and London. The research took place before the Manchester attacks, which means this wasn’t factored in the overall rate.

Attributes that are measured in this research include access to weapons, murder rates across the world, the impact of terrorism and armed service personnel in the population, as well as other factors.

Understandably, Syria was ranked as the least peaceful country in the world for the fifth year in a row.

The top five of least peaceful countries in the world is made up of Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen.

The top five most peaceful countries in the world consisted of Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria and Denmark.

As strange as it sounds trying to put an emotion or feeling as peace into a statistic, you have to applaud these researchers for keeping track of what is going on around the world.

And wouldn’t it be good if we could get the world more peaceful? After all, how can we ever achieve world peace if we don’t measure what is going on across the globe?

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