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Are you making the most of local search SEO?

When you are going out – perhaps to the cinema or theatre, you may well do a Google search to find the ‘restaurants’ or ‘places to eat’ close to where you are going.  If you want your hair doing you may do a Google search for hairdressers in your area, and if you are looking for a plumber you may well do the same.

People are constantly searching online for businesses, places, offers, things to do and events in and around the location they are.  If you are a business owner, you need to ask yourself what you are doing to capitalise on this search volume.

Local search continues to grow.  It is important you take notice and steps to go after this growing local search market.  It isn’t always easy.  If you are a restaurant in Leeds there will be lots of competition, but if you narrow your location to ‘restaurants near Grand Theatre, Leeds’ and try to optimise your website for this term you may fare better and win more customers.  You need to spend time on your search engine optimisation for local search traffic.

You could start by asking people what they actually search for when looking for your business or similar businesses in the area when they go online.  Ask them which search engines they use when searching and what other search terms they may use when looking for your business.  You could combine this with some keyword research of your own using Google’s free Keyword Tool and narrow down the keywords and phrases to ones that people are actually searching for.  You could use this information for the basis of your own SEO campaign.

Optimise your website content

Once you have done your research you can do some work on your website by optimising the pages for the keywords and phrases you wish to be found for.  This will include writing page titles, descriptions and on-the-page content for the pages.

If you would like some help with optimising your site, Infoserve can help you.  We have a number of online marketing products that will help you make the most of online local search and bring business to you.

Through good local SEO you can convert people into customers.  Always remember to include your address and contact details, and include some calls to action – perhaps ‘Phone this number now’ or ‘Make your booking here’.

Social media accounts linked to your website will also allow for greater interaction and engagement with customers.

It is important to remember that there are no quick fixes when it comes to SEO.  It takes time and effort to rank in the search engines and you must be prepared to work on and update your website regularly: just as you would a shop window or restaurant menu.

Local search is growing and if you are a business owner you need to take action to harness its potential for bringing you business.

Infoserve can help you.  Call us on 0845 36 77 200 to find out how.


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