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Looking after your online reputation

It doesn’t matter whether you are a major global corporation or a small local business, your online reputation is extremely important.

A great deal of your customers will decide whether they will use your services based on the reviews of your past customers and that’s why it is really important to look after your reputation as best as you can.

The Internet gives consumers a platform where they can express their views about the businesses that they have used whether they have had a good or bad experience. Many people now take to social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to tell everyone they know what they think about certain companies. As the average user has 229 friends that could mean a lot of people are hearing about your company.

As a small business this might sound a bit daunting; what do you do if someone isn’t happy with your services and decides to tell the world via their Facebook account? What can you do?

Well the best thing that you can do is have the resources to reply; don’t leave yourself defenceless. Make sure that you have social media accounts for your business so you have somewhere where happy customers can post their reviews and, if the situation arises, somewhere where you can engage and resolve issues with unhappy customers. If you would like help setting up your social media accounts, contact Infoserve on 0845 3677 200.

If someone has had a bad experience with your company, reply to them as you would if they complained in person. However, you must make sure you remember that potential customers will judge your business on the way you respond to criticism. If you are polite and try and resolve the issue in a professional manner, people will take note.

Remember that avoiding setting up social media accounts does not help you to look after your reputation; people still have the ability to say what they like about your business, you just can’t reply. By using social media you have the opportunity to both engage with your customers and look after you reputation.

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