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Bins blunder or housework reality?

Prime Minister Theresa May sparked a housework debate this week when she said there were ‘boy and girl jobs’ in the home.  The PM was appearing on TV’s The One Show with her husband Philip – who said it was always his job to put the bins out. (Not sure if he does that at No 10 though?) Some heated debate took place on social media after Mrs May’s comments – …

…accusing her of sexism. This seems a strange accusation against a woman who is running the country!

It’s certainly true in our household that we have different roles – the garage and the shed are definitely the male domain while the kitchen tends to be more of a female hangout. Is that sexism or is it just that we gravitate to the places/chores we feel more comfortable or suited to?

Cleaning the car and mowing the lawn have traditionally become thought of as male jobs while dusting and ironing have tended to be thought of as female chores. Again, that is not law of course, just a natural state that many (certainly not all) households tend to fall into.

I don’t agree with everything (or a lot of things!) that come out of Theresa May’s mouth, but I do have to agree with her on this one!

The story did lead me to unearth up a surprising figure from the Office for National Statistics. A recent study found that women still do an average of 60% more unpaid work (household chores) than men. It’s hard to imagine that is still the case in 2017!


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